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    Monday, March 22, 2004



    anyone know when the i930 is coming out? i currently work in a cellphone store and the nextel rep keeps saying "they say 4th quater on 05" is that correct?


    anyone know where i can get a cheap straight up deal on a 830 camera phone email back please..........


    it is out already. at least in metro detroit. they didn't have a price, but they're going on eBay for well over $500.

    the model is the i860.


    when is the nextel camera phone going to come out? and what is the price of it going to be?


    i saw the camera phone at a nextel dealer today. it's the same size as the 830. external color caller ID, nice big screen and all that. it's black with a blue stripe down the front, sorta shiny. looks like it has flash too. the camera is up at the hinges as opposed to over the earpiece, which is different than most camera phones.

    anyway, it's out. not on the website, but check the closest retailer.


    So when does this nextel camera phone suppose to come out ....everyones telling me different dates


    Thank you Nextel! By making a simple phone adjustment my husband is unaware of, I currently use Nextel's GPS feature to pinpoint my husband's whereabouts to within 10 square feet any place on this earth, without his knowledge. But the new camera feature will be a splendid bonus because now I'll also be able to insist that he snap a shot of the co-worker he's supposedly having lunch with. For wives with frisky husbands to keep track of, this will prove to be invaluable. Works on teens too. WTG Nextel.


    Who wrote this article? Nextel knows where the real money is...hence the reason they started targeting a younger crowd. These new phones they're all targeting the younger crowd. Business america could care less a color phone even less about a camera phone. Think about it... Nextel walkie-talkie feature is what real business uses, the ones out in the field climbing telephone and cable poles. The office guys just want something slim.

    Nextel has changed a lot of plans, and deposit requirements in an attempt to lure more consumers...they know where the money is. Now if they could make Motorola make the damn phones lighter, and smaller we'd be in business...Motorola is acting like they can't give Nextel smaller phones...wasup with that. Why aren't they giving Nextel the same technology their other phones have? Thos are the real questions.


    I have seen the new camera phone and I think that you should make it smaller and a really nice silver color. It would help you sell it faster because teenagers will like it better and they would pay more for it.

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