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    Wednesday, June 02, 2004


    Alec Gianakis

    Dear Uri L:

    As a developer of cam phone applications with 3 years experience developing an integrated application for retailers I have seen the reaction of customers using bar code "capturing" with a cam phone.
    As long as you understand that the application has to follow the KISS principle (Keep It Simple stupid (please excuse my language))
    First the use of the application does not have to require more than those 30 seconds taken to learn how to use the camera.
    Second , getting involved with the program should be absolutely intuitive.
    Third , do not saturate the screen.Graphics have to be clear an easily read , by even people with short sight probelms.
    Fourth, do not go over the limited tolerance level with any sort of Adv & Mkt proposal
    Five , make sure the user is tempted to use the system again.
    As long as you have in mind these basic principles , then you will have a killer application with economic/Business results.
    Needless to say , today we are talking about a minority of users who have cam phone , but these numbers are growing tremendously day by day. So in the very short future , your pool of users will be a great mayority .
    Our experince in the supermarket industry through a batch purchasing system , proved that "scanning" is almost natural to all shop goers, nothing new , for they have been seeing cashiers doing it for them , for ages.
    With their phones , they already now what to do, as long as you emulate the procedures and results to them.
    What you basically end having is a tool capable of :
    One to one Mkt
    Just in time ADV (co/cross marketing , co/cross branding)
    On line CRM
    With one prime target to attain:
    Increase the mean avergae value of each ticket!!
    I have hours of video footage showing actual people in real stores and at homes operating phone cams PURCHASING and not only entertaining themselves , down loading MP3 or trailers , ....They are doing business and getting cherished services for their money.
    This combination tool of phone cam and bar code capturing applied for retailers is second to none.


    Note : Alan , let me know if this is OK.
    Thank you once again.


    I think the killer is the machine to machine part of the application. At current it takes long to type in a url on your mobile device (even a simple one such as Instantly connecting to any online location is the killer part of the application I think. The service that's placed behind can be as diverse as current barcode applications and more.

    Uri L.

    Indeed a very interesting emerging service.
    In the end of the day, it "slightly" demands user activity - to spend 30secs with the phone, and to know how to operate camera etc.

    Obviously something that might have some projections on educating users.

    But the questions is, where's the "killer" factor in it ? I kinda haven't grasped it yet... :)

    I'm a retailer - I want to use all the in-store promotion/guidance trick & tips to the maximum. Could this interrupt ?

    Here's another PR regarding NeoMedia's soft in Nokia phones:

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